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I'll Keep Smiling

miezfy Kamis, 13 Januari 2011 ,

So much has elapsed

and they do not know
the tears that had come out behind a smile
unrest behind the excitement
anxiety behind happiness
heartfelt remorse, beyond pride

I kept it deep in the forgotten memories
and I'll let other people know

ang let me be what people want
and I will never complain again
I do not want to beg for understanding
I was bored sue trust

then I decided to throw away the old me
and a current I

and the story was just a past
me and only me

everything will run like water flowing
I will no longer ask to get what I want

my best friend is my loneliness
my friend is my quiet

a togetherness in the silence
and I believe, I'll keep smiling
even when the world still fooling

why would expect in a false reality?
rather than waiting for an uncertain story
better to carve my own story

not a beautiful fairy tale city
just a simple story

where there is an island that get rid of all his hopes
and build their own dream

I believe I can

and I do not care ...
even if we can not be together again friend ....
I want to escape
I want to be free .......

I would like flapping wings
and I do not want to fake it again entangled folly

although you would not be there anymore to see me flying over the ocean
I will always be there to wave ....

This is only the past
and I know ... it was over a minute .......

and I'll keep smiling ... ...

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